About PC Expressions Design

Pam Cote is a User Experience Professional.

Pam has been interested in HCI and usability since the mid 90’s when she found herself – then a software developer – being relied upon as the expert user. This started her evolution making learnable and supportive user interfaces. She is experienced in facilitating usability evaluations, observing and interacting with real users. Her analysis provides a roadmap for improvement.

  • Masters Degree in Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science
  • Usability Engineering
    • Planning
    • Facilitation
    • Analysis
  • End User Studies
  • Process Improvement
  • A network of professionals assist as needed depending on the scope of each project.

Pam has been sewing since junior high and only recently started creating unique handmade tote bags.

It’s great to get back to designing useful, artistic products. Quilting is new in the last 5 years and started with a baby blanket and a tote bag.